8 OCTOBER 2011

promoted by AMACI – Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums

On the occasion of the Seventh Day of contemporary, the Department of Youth and Sports realized two events (by Ambra Stazzone) and the publication of a catalogue: the temporary exhibiton FRAGMENTS OF REALITY and a big mural named WALL PAINTING / 2011 WORLD FENCING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Set up in Palazzo della cultura – Sala Caffè Letterario, entry from via Vittorio Emanuele n.121 – the exhibition FRAGMENTS OF REALITY presents photographs of Roberta Baldaro, Carmen Cardillo, Tiziana Contino, Annamaria Di Giacomo, Valentina Di Mauro, Alberto Finocchiaro, Alice Grassi, Filippo Leonardi, Vanila Privitera and comic paintings of the art group Cuori d'inchiostro (Inked hearts).

It's been opened on day 8 October at 11 am and it will be opened to everyone for free until 16 October, all the days from 9am to 1pm – 3.30pm to 7.00pm (except Sunday afternoon).

The mural WALL PAINTING / 2011 WORLD FENCING CHAMPIONSHIPS has been realized by street artist GUE' on the outer walls of a complex in viale Kennedy wich hosts swimming pools and town gyms. On the occasion of the World Fencing Championships, in the complex take place the trainings of the athletes attending the championships in progress at nearby Palaghiaccio.