Darius was uncomfortable even in his sleep, all the movement causing him to mumble and wrinkle his brow. It must be truly painful for him if the pain reached even in his sleep.

Lu Xiao Xans hand touched Gu Qing Peis buttocks, the feeling of contact with the skin was like electricity. It gave his mind a barrage of naughty thoughts.

He really could not forget last nights ecstasy. It was a one of a kind, delicious experience, which a man should not miss.

After Lu Xiao Xan finished giving Darius his medicine, he felt his cock awakening.

He quickly covered Darius with the blanket and dared not look at him again. He went and washed his hands in the bathroom.

When he came out, he saw the computer on the table.

His heart itched and he opened the computer and switched on the video from last night.