The next day, Edwin, Jimmy and Chris were mounted on the horse, staring at the vast ocean of mist that expanded to the horizon. As the name suggested, Misty Hills was shrouded in a thick veil of mist. The three of them nodded to each other and urged their horse forward.

As soon as they entered, the mist disappeared. One second it was there, the next it was gone. Edwin halted his horse and looked in front of him. A vast expanse of barren rolling hills greeted them.

Edwin dismounted his horse and moved backwards. His other two companions followed him. As soon awe-inspiring outside the zone of Misty Hills the veil of mist reappeared and when they entered the Veil, it disappeared. All three of them exclaimed in amazement. Edwin had heard of this, but witnessing it yourself and hearing about it in a story were two completely different things. It was both awe-inspiring and somewhat scary.

After waking at everything until they were satisfied, they marched toward the krozon tribe. Following the safest route on the map. It would now take them about a month to reach there. Chris was adamant about telling them her plan only if they reached the tribe and not before. Yes, she said If not when— which only made him more cautious about the gravity of their situation.

As they marched, to Edwins horror, Jimmy urged his horse into a gallop. Jimmys horse galloped faster and faster. Has it gone mad? Edwin wanted to grab his brother and shake him. Jimmy had been acting very strange past week. Well, stranger than usual.

Edwin and Chris exchanged glances and followed Jimmy.