Cat小說 >  Punisher: A ONE-LIFE >   CHAPTER 9

Black lightning shot across the hallway, striking the slime. Saiman smiled. He could even change the colors of the spells. The lightning pierced deep into the slime, a gigantic hole ripped through its center. Ooze dripped from the hole and it shuddered in silent pain. The slime wasted nO time to launch its counterattack. A shotgun blast of small water droplets sped toward Saiman, but a blur of motion to his left rushed to meet it. Gruffs heavy iron shield expanded to block the slimes attack completely. Saiman already had the next spell ready. One hand on the edge of Gruffs shield, Saiman took aim and fired three more lightning bolts. The spells flew true. The blue slime splashed into a dark blue puddle on the floor before it had time to launch a second attack.