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Lenneza walked back to her room and gave herself a quick shower to refresh her tired body. She couldn help but remember the look on Leonard.

He was smiling, but his eyes weren . He was filled with this uncertain emotion that made him enigmatic. She couldn help but assume that her brothers eyes were filled with conceit.

Yula, Her involvement with Leonard was only for one sole purpose. To act as a damsel, burdened by a villain she cannot go against.

And the Knight that was supposed to save her was Walter. The Knight in shining armour, didn save the damsel, the heroine which was engaged to this villain, no.

Walter didn necessarily come to her rescue and beat this villain, instead, the damsel and the Knight both made fun of this villain.

Both mocked and ridiculed this villain, they gave a punishment far inhumane. But… they at least kept this punishment to themselves as they didn ruin Leonards reputation.

No, his reputation was already messy when he was 12, what else could this ridicule and mocking add to a world full of spite against this young man?

It was roughly a drop to an ocean. And Leonard could do nothing but focus on his role. Because this world was solely for entertainment, a novel, a way for people to judge openly without repercussions.

Solely because of the one in control, that overlord. But thats for another matter, Lenneza decided that whatever Yula was breeding it wouldn come close to harming Leonard. Because she would be there to stop it.