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Leonard was having cold sweat and his heart was beating like crazy, it felt like it would explode from how crazy it was beating.

Leonard knows how innocent Lorraine is, she could mention at the dinner table about Leonard not being in his room accidentally and it could get him in trouble.

Naturally, Richard was against Lenneza and Leonard being in the infiltration team in the underground city, but due to Lennezas convincing he yielded.

But after that Richard strictly warned Leonard and Lenneza not to do such a thing again. But if Lorraine ever mentioned that Leonard wasn in his room…

Leonard could only imagine what kind of punishment Richard would give him and how it would hinder his operations.

But it seems that wouldn happen, he managed to come up with a good excuse for being up all night on his computer.

He looked at the time on his phone and it states 7:18 AM, Leonard would rather take the entire morning to sleep.


Lenneza found it strange that Leonard took all his night to code. Lenneza was not sure whether to doubt him or not, whilst Lenneza still didn know about Leonards full personality since she only knew him in his diary.

That doesn mean there is no room for doubt, then Lenneza remembered.