Leonard went back and forth spying on the Palace of the Imperial archives. This time, he had to travel very far since the Imperial archives are located in the capital of the Empire.

If one took a passenger car it would take at least 3 hours to drive from the Marchen territory to the capital, and 20 minutes if one took a private jet.

So how did Leonard travel that distance whilst having no mode of transportation? Simple, he just used Shadow Arts, in shadow form he is not restricted by the flesh and he wouldn be obstructed by obstacles like rocks and boulders.

Heck, he could even go up a mountain in a breeze without stopping. So he just went in a straight line going towards the capital in a fortnight.

He left no traces as well by not using the highway to his approaching destination, he traversed to the capital by a measly an hour.

He has nothing to worry about as well, with his magic cultivation technique he is gathering more mana he could use so hes using Shadow arts continuously without breaking a sweat.