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Leonard was about to go to his bed. Lorraine took a lot of his time, he was thankful that Lorraine at least follows Lenneza, or else he won have time for himself at all.

Taking out his phone he started to attach the SD card, he checked the files of the SD card Certhac gave him. What he saw inside is information that may be not available to humans in this era.

What Leonard saw is divided into three files. Martial arts, Mana techniques, cultivation methods. Naturally out of these three Leonard got interested in one, when he checked the cultivation methods he came across information that the Royal family would target him.

The Nascent Soul, The Sword qi technique, the Flaming hands, The Diamond body, etc. All of this is very valuable. But there is a problem since Leonard doesn cultivate this information is quite useless for him.

But he has an idea. A downgraded version of each cultivation method. What Leonard was about to do wasn easy, but he was Leonard with a system.

Leonard, however, didn need the system. Why? He was saving points and the latest mission provided by the system hasn been confirmed to be finished yet.

Leonard took a deep breath and studied each cultivation method. He could make a strong soul that is devoid of any flaw so that he could be immune to illusion and direct soul attacks, or he could make a martial art that makes him the only user.