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Dear Diary,

Page 230

This is it, by the end of the day the Protagonist would put a sword in my chest. Ending all this suffering Ive been through and Ill be back on Earth. It was a nice trip though, I got to experience how it is like to be an idiotic rich ** boy.

This might be painful, but at the end of the day, Ill be free of this nightmare. Fuck the Overlord and Fuck this world he made.

Its obvious that Im just a tool! I was just in this world out of my choice, I can do anything that will deviate from the plot! Or else I suffer.

Anyways! This is my last day! Im done suffering!

Leonard closed the UV light, he has a diary in which he places his vents and rants about this world.

Eight years ago Leonard was just an ordinary college student, he was about to graduate when he was hit by a truck.

Then he was placed in a novel he read just for fun.