His step echoed in the hallway, his stride confident beyond reason. Reality trembled at the coming of The One. Following his awakening, every being shuddered instinctively, as if the Ruler had returned to his throne.

The space within the very hallway of the hotel shrank itself, to not let The One take any unnecessary steps, as one was enough. He inspected the room where Ciel would be, and he saw her sorry figure beaten into the ground by the inflated abomination. Every drop of her blood healed and strengthened her enemy while she was becoming weaker and weaker.

Something snapped within The One, his already flayed sense of self, burned even greater than the very flames of oblivion. Even if he was to scatter into dust, he vowed to bring annihilation to the being in front of Him.

The laws of reality rearranged themselves, bringing the abomination into another space, another plane.

It bore the full brunt of His presence, its legs creaked, almost bent. Still, it looked up towards The One, with both hatred and confusion in its mind.