A few weeks later, Kiyoshi arrives in a new town called Temirchi. A town that is renowned for the amazing blacksmiths that it had produced over the centuries. But for now, it is home to Kiyoshis new mission. As Kiyoshi follows the directions given to him by Sairon, he can see that the town is filled with old, outdated but very well-kept buildings and houses, which could be at least two centuries old, Islamic-style architects. Smoke fills the air as blacksmiths work on their craft from every corner and every other building. As Kiyoshi continues on he can see fishing boats returning to dock from the Qora Dengiz sea with rough and dark waters pushing the small vessels around. The atmosphere of the town is quiet with no one in sight, which could be because Kiyoshi is passing through the back alleyway of the town, avoiding major roadways as requested by the client.

As he walks through the back passageways, he notices a red flag with a black and yellow dragon circling the sun.