As Kiyoshi walks through the town once more, to take his leave. He sees one of the slave traders in a corner with one girl they have captive. The slave trader curses and argues as he claimed the girl was unsellable and that he was losing money because of her. He chokes the girl and even though her blue hair was blocking her eyes, Kiyoshi could tell she was terrified. In a flash and with blinding rage and fury, Kiyoshi cuts off the traders arm causing it to hang around the girls neck like a pendent as his hand was still around her neck. Kiyoshi removes the arm from the girls neck and throws it on the ground. He signals to the girl to run, and she takes off. With the rest of his arm bleed the slave trader crawls on the road trying to meet the others. Kiyoshi walks over to the trader, pressing down on the traders chest with his foot and slits his throat. As the trader bleeds out on the ground, the other slave traders took notice and began gathering their weapons to attack. With his blood lust rising, Kiyoshi quickly slaughter the remaining five slave traders and rescues the girls being held captive. With the girls freed, Kiyoshi finally calms down.

But with all the commotion, he draws the attention of several men. The men, all uniformed in grey and black robes walk over to him. On the chest of the robes had an emblem of two hands uplifting the sun and a female figure sits on it with her hair flowing down. As they approach Kiyoshi, one of them walks forwards. The elderly man in his mid-sixty continues to walk up Kiyoshi as the rest of them. In his hand appears to be a bible-like book which he was apparently reading before the commotion took place. The man closes the book and, with his blue eyes, looks over to Kiyoshi and takes a deep breath.