As their climactic battle ends, the man with backs turns to each other, awaiting the results of their last clash. The air stood still as the women and children surrounding them looked on in anticipation, hoping but yet still fearing the final out-coming. A sudden burst of blood jets off Kiyoshis shoulder with the two men standing still as a huge slash appears. The slash is long as it runs down Kiyoshis shoulder to the lower part of his chest, with parts of his bond showing because of the depth of the cut. As Kiyoshi bleeds on the ground, holding his own to his sword with one hand, Maxwell laughs monstrously, claiming his victory, as he continues to laugh a sudden and sharp pain in his midsection takes him and he too drops to his knees.

He grabs onto his midsection and realized his hands were wet. Looking at them, he saw blood confirming he was indeed cut as well. With the pain intensive, Maxwell realized the cut was getting bigger and that he needed to hold it together to prevent his internal organs from falling out. The women and children around them cried as Maxwell screamed in pain. Maxwell crawls to his ax when he meets up with Kiyoshi, blocking his path. Maxwell raises to his knees and begins laughing,