Kiyoshi soon arrives at the lake to see a young couple being attacked by creatures called Kappas. Which amphibious-like creatures. They were green and oddly human-like in appearance, but they had webbed hands and feet and a turtle-like carapace on their back. The strange creatures jumped out of the water with furiousness and determination as they grabbed onto the young woman. Dragging her into the water in order to drown her in the lake.

Her boyfriend grabs onto her hands, trying to pull her back onto the bridge. As he does this, Kappas continues to appear from the water bitting and digging their claws into the young mans back, causing him to scream as he tries desperately to save his girlfriend. His girlfriend screams, crying for him to save her as the creatures continue to pull her deeper into the water. Suddenly, the young man loses his grip as they pulled his girlfriend into the lake.

Kiyoshi quickly dives into the water to the young mans surprise as he believed only he and his girlfriend were around this hour of the night. But he was glad that someone came to help them. The young man looked on into the depths of the lake awaiting the results of the stranger coming to help them, he wasn even concerned about the creatures still digging into his flesh all that mattered is that his lover was alive and well then everything will solve itself out.

As he looked on, a violent splash of water emerged, and out of it, his lover was returned to him, unconscious but alive. But he wondered where the stranger who saved his girlfriend was. Did he perish saving her? The young man thought to himself. He didn notice that the weight on the creatures on his back grew lighter, nor did he see the dead bodies of the Kappas behind him. But he notice large pools of blood on the lakes surface and the bodies of the creatures who attacked his girlfriend floating to the surface dead.

He turns to his girlfriend to see the stranger in all black attending to her injuries. Are you ok? Kiyoshi asked the young man who looked at him in astonishment.