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Just minutes after Mr. Modreds class ended, Scott and his friends had the chance to talk more about what Mr. Modred thought them but they actually didn have any practical examples to use incase they wanted to train.

They decided to train with Adrian as their offender this time, telling Adrian that it was going to be on the offense while them on the defense.

But Scott bluntly argued that they should also have the chance to go offensive on him too, with the first to land a significant blow will be handed the winner of the practice.

Agreeing to the terms and conditions, they could not wait for the practice to begin as they stayed for the remaining of the days class.

On hearing the sound of the end of the last class they had, they swiftly rushed out of the class.

Ben noticing their movement and hastiness, he decided to follow them to check out what they were up to.

Going to the battle ground, they took to the dressing rooms as they changed their outfits with Scott going to secretly meet Adrian and telling Adrian to take it easy on him.

Adrian just smiled deceitfully and said